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Sentimental Mommy

The baby's sleeping. Depending on weeks or birth-date he is or almost is six months old now. I can't believe how much he has changed already. Once a tiny little guy who just wanted to be held*, now he's army-crawling into trouble and more than twice his birth weight. He used to be learning how to smile, now he's giving kisses and laughing.
I also can't believe I haven't posted** in over a year. In fact not since I first found out I was expecting.
Strange that. Ah well.
It's our first night in our new apartment, hopefully we'll have a good sleep and happy dreams.

*And eat! He is his mama's son, ok, his dada's too.

**Granted most of my posts were silly quizzes or other such nonsense, but still a post's a post, I suppose.
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Stupid Emmy Awards

Um, why are the Emmy Awards on a 3-hour delay in my area? They're out of California aren't they?
So why can't all those currently residing in the state of California, with access to basic television service and the desire to do so, watch them live?
Ok, so I don't usually watch the Emmy awards, I mean the Academy Awards are painful enough but I'm a sucker for those "In Memoriam" segments, anyway, if the show was on 3 hours earlier I might actually watch parts of it. As it is, I already know the winners so-far.
Come on television, stop forgetting there's such a thing as the Internet, and relatives in the Atlantic Time Zone.
Yes, yes, disasters galore and I choose to post about something as stupid as this. When will I ever learn?
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Not such a Turkish Delight

Yay, after some international hackery, Photobucket's back!
I missed you, my corporate overlord. Though I'll never understand why I could access the site and see images hosted at the site on my husband's work laptop over a full day before I could see it on our desktop computer.
I mean it's a web site. Once it's up, shouldn't it be up? We even use the same main browser, Firefox 2, (ok mine is technically, and I'm not sure which one's on the laptop). I'm sure there's a logical explanation, but my brain hurts and I'm lazy.

Also, I need a mood icon for frikkin' hot, and not in the sexy way, but in the dang, it's frikkin' hot out, boy I wish our apartment had air conditioning way.
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